Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bit of a wait for the next blog I know, but we have been working hard if the tutors ask. Since Saturday we all slumped and relaxed on Sunday; Monday started with the usual wake up call at 0700 hours, and the tired group busied away on site for the final run untill we leave.

To cover the last two days briefly we have been frantically finishing form works to hopefully have some concrete "bricks" and slabs to establish the start of the walled system that will cover the front of the school.

This meant numbering and regulating all parts to be made, filling the form works with their predesigned textures and reinforcement. Sounds simple but in reality it takes a lot longer than intially thought, especially with seven girls............

Last threads of today were encompassed with finishing the osb board to cover the timber frame proportion of the wall that we intend to start hanging the panels from.

Tommorrow will be are last day on site, which willl be the crunch time for what we are able to get done, and also bbq and beers in the evening.